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     This Classic Victorian Melodrama tells the tale of New York gentleman Brett Armstrong, who in financial distress after a lost wager and falsely accused of forgery, must fake his own death and flee Manhattan for a new life in the rough and tumble mountain town of Cripple Creek, CO.  He assumes a new identity and joins a team of hard rock miners who toil under the thumb of Roy Shatterly, a man as cruel as he is rich.  All is well until Armstrong falls for Cigarette Starr, a beautiful and spirited mule skinner who has also caught Shatterly’s eye.  Now, Armstrong must either deny his love or risk his freedom...and quite possibly his life!  Loosely adapted by Cripple Creek's favorite playwright...Chris Sorensen from the classic melodramatic UNDER TWO FLAGS by Ouida.  

     This show followed by an  ALL  NEW  SUMMER  OLIO!

     Based on Anita Loos’s 1925 bestseller of the same title, GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES follows Lorelei Lee, a blonde from Little Rock, Arkansas, who sails to Europe with her friend Dorothy where she plans to marry the delightfully rich Gus Esmond, son of America’s Button King.  However, on her journey miscommunication, hijinks & just plain too much money lend themselves to confusion and hilarity in the plot of this Golden Age Musical.  The play was  made into a 1953 movie starring Marilyn Monroe & Jane Russell.  Hit songs include “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” & “Bye Bye, Baby”.

    A Neil Simon comedy-drama, later made into a film with Walter Matthau & Ann-Margaret, that revolves around a struggling screenwriter suffering from writer's-block.  One day his daughter, who barely remembers him as he abandoned his New York family 16 years earlier, arrives at his West Hollywood home.  She is convinced that he can give her the Hollywood acting career she desires.  Filled with guilt and demanding love, Libby not only forces her dad to deal with the responsibilities of parenthood, but to come to terms with his on-again/off-again relationship with his girlfriend Steffy.  This is Neil Simon at his best which will have you laughing one minute and choked up with emotion the next.

     Thin Air Theatre Company will "scare you silly" with this year’s fall production from the warped mind of Chris Sorensen.  When a spirit starts scaring off clients of Cripple Creek’s favorite brothel, The Old Homestead, Madam Pearl Devere offers a hefty reward to anyone who can rid her house of the ghost.  On a dark & stormy night (of course it would be dark & stormy) three of the unlikeliest ghost-busters turn up to answer her call.  Steeped in mystery, history, thrills & chills… not to mention plenty of laughs, this show promises to be a Halloween treat for the whole family.

 This show followed by an  ALL  NEW  HALLOWEEN  OLIO!

    Cripple Creek history meets the classic Dickens’ Christmas Carol in this holiday season is a perfect past, present and future holiday experience.  This show is a great holiday outing for the entire family as its plot is based on the classic tale – with a Cripple Creek twist that relies on Bob Womack (who in 1890, discovered the gold that made Cripple Creek famous) to rescue the Scrooge-like Gooch from his selfish ways.  Bob is aided in his task of saving Gooch by several other figures from the historic gold camp including Winfield Scott Stratton and Mollie Kathleen.  The show was written for the Butte stage by TATC producer Chris Armbrister and Cripple Creek’s favorite playwright Chris Sorensen.

 This show followed by an  ALL  NEW  CHRISTMAS  OLIO!

Under The Colorado Moon

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

I Ought To Be In Pictures

Haunting at the Old Homestead

A Cripple Creek Christmas Carol

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